Star girl casino slots


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Mar 17, 2023
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Star girl casino slots

■■■■■■ Game Description ■■■■■

▶ Play 9 kinds of casino games with hundreds of global stars!

▶ Collect thousands of girl photos with casino games!

▶ Complete your own girl calendar with the finished photo!

▶ You’ll meet hundreds of girls!
Who is your favorite girl?

▶ Glamorous effects and speedy play!

▶ 9 kinds of casino games are ready.
Choose games you want and enjoy them as much as you like.

◆ Types of Casino games ◆

1. Video Slots
– Spin the Slots!

2. Pachi Slot
– Japanese style slot

3. Video Poker
– Press the Deal or Hold! and Enjoy the game.

4. Black Jack
– Making the sum of the cards over than 21 or higher than a dealer

5. Baccarat
– Bet your chips between a player and a banker

6. Three Card Poker
– Combination number of 3 cards! The highest number wins!

7. Texas Hold’em
– Compete for your cards with players

8. Caribbean Poker
– Combination number of 5 cards! The highest number wins!

9. Sic bo
– Three dices will decision your victory.

[Smartphone App Access authority Guide] When using the app, we are requesting access authority in order to provide the following services.

[Selection Items] ■ Storage (Image, Media, File)
: The authority need when the games is instlled or store the data on your device.

[How to withdrawal of access authority] ▶ Android 6.0 or later : Setting > Application manager > Select app > authority > select agreement or withdrawal of accessing authority
▶ Under Android 6.0 : Unable to the withdrawal of access authority, need to remove the app or update OS.
※ The app may not provide separate consent function, Users can withdrawal access authority by the above method.

* Eventhough you do not agree with selection Items, you cam play the game.

[Custom Service] Do you have any problems?
Please send an e-mail to [email protected] or
contact us via setting > Contact us in game.

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